The Dots no.15 - Milan 2018

The Dots no.15 – Milan 2018

The Dots no.15 - Milan 2018

The Dots no.15, Milan Design Week 2018


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The Dots no.15 - Milan 2018

The Dots no.15 - Milan 2018

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Nature, or rather New Nature, in all its facets seems to be an important theme this spring during Milan Design Week. Milan Design Week, which this year takes place from 17 April to 22 April, is the most important design fair for many Dutch design studios and design brands. In its fifteenth edition, The Dots offers an overview of Dutch design studios and design brands, and takes a more in-depth look at the new trends and developments that are emerging in Italy.

Human Nature: designing the equilibrium is one of the projects in Milan that focusses on nature as its theme. How do we ensure balance between humans and nature? What instruments do we have at our disposal and how does this reflect on a future that we can look forward to with more awareness and greater sensitivity? The project is an initiative of Connecting the Dots in collaboration with Creative Holland, and gives room to eleven prominent Dutch design studios and brands to talk about a future in which Humans and Nature enter into a new relationship. The project consists of a number of interviews, and an exhibition at Design Language in Milan. Human Nature also includes eleven interviews by Viveka van de Vliet, published in The Dots with portraits by Boudewijn Bollmann.

In addition to attention for a new relationship with nature, the interest in materials in Milan is also notable; a focus on new materials or new combinations of existing materials. Recycling is back and can once again be called a trendy topic. Noteworthy presentations during this coming edition of Milan Design Week are NOTHING NEW by Lensvelt in collaboration with BAR ANNE by Anne van der Zwaag; a presentation of Dutch and Italian designers of Crafts Council Nederland HOW&WOW – cooperazione!. And what about the new label JAPTH with big names like Patrick and Riccardo Belli, Richard Hutten, and Yksi Ontwerp. Another remarkable and beautiful project is Rubdish by Diederik Schneemann and Aldwin van Krimpen, which once again serves us litter, not as amuse bouche but as amuse oeil.

The Dots, which can also be read as a yearbook of Dutch Design, offers an overview of more than 250 designers and design brands at 30 different locations during Milan Design Week. The spread of Dutch exhibitions throughout Milan is a continuing trend. More and more Dutch designers are part of group exhibitions.

Nature is a leitmotiv in The Dots. Gabrielle Kennedy describes the joint project of Bo Reudler and Olav Bruin in Wild Coast Tented Lodge, an extraordinary safari camp in Sri Lanka. In her essay Getting rid of that bit of unspoiled green, Sanne van de Beek offers a radically different view of our idea of nature. In his column, Marc Th. van der Voorn asks himself if he, as a designer, is able to save the world.

After having been published as a newspaper for several years, the fifteenth edition of The Dots returns to magazine format. If at all possible, even more attention and care has been spent on this year’s publication, which is reflected in the quality: bound, high-quality paper, and in B5 format – a fraction smaller than A4. This fifteenth edition marks the first time The Dots has been brought about under art direction by Team Thursday. 8000 free copies of The Dots will be distributed throughout all of Milan, at all Dutch presentations.

The first copies of The Dots will be handed out during the press preview on Thursday 12 April in Paradiso Amsterdam. Here, the kick-off of Human Nature, designing the equilibrium will also take place. Two interviews will take place, with Bas Timmer of Sheltersuit and Koert van Mensvoort of Next Nature Network, led by Gabrielle Kennedy.

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