The Dots #14, Milan Design Week 2017

The Dots #14 – Milan 2017

The Dots #14, Milan Design Week 2017

Interwoven Collaborations
The Dots #14, Milan Design Week 2017


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The Dots #14 - Milan 2017

The Dots #14 - Milan 2017

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Milan Design Week is the annual indicator for the Dutch design industry. What are the new trends? Who matters and why? On the eve the most important international design fair, which takes place from 4 to 9 April, Connecting the Dots offers an overview of new design from the Netherlands that will be on display during the coming edition of the design fair in Milan.

In 2016, the number of Dutch presentations in Milan had never been higher. 2017 promises to be even slightly better. The Dutch design sector is not standing still.
Connecting the Dots has surveyed the individual presentations and offers an overview. This year, the design publication includes over 40 different Dutch exhibitions in Milan, in which more than 275 Dutch design studios and brands will be presenting.
A striking trend this year in Milan is the attention for weaving that is reflected in the work of, for example, Studio Plott, Roos Soetekouw, José Kranen, Sigrid Calon, Carole Baijings, Stefan Scholten voor Herman Miller, and Studio Truly Truly. David Heldt, editor in chief of Connecting the Dots: ‘Fabrics are foldable and offer protection, are ideal for traveling and make one feel at home. The attention given to fabrics this year is striking, I wonder what made that happen?’.  
For The Dots, journalist Federica Marie Carenini and photographer Daphne Kuilman created five portraits of collaborating studios that are very close to character: Envisions, Dutch Invertuals, Vij5, Makerversity, and Bernotat&Co. The overall theme illustrates our current time, in which people seek collaborations as part of the creative process. ‘Dutch Invertuals is about mentality and willingness to collaborate. It is not limited to the Dutch,’ according to Wendy Plomp of Dutch Invertuals. The predominant focus on authorship that has led to success and fame for some – at least as an individual brand – seems less and less relevant. Complex times demand smart solutions: ‘Multidisciplinary skill sets are extremely necessary to reach solutions for today’s complex issues,’ say Alessandro Iadarola and Kim Band of Makerversity. In the end, it is the quality of the final results that prevails: ‘We might disagree at times, but that is what it’s all about – being honest in order to enhance the quality of our work,’ concludes Arjan van Raadshooven of Vij5.

The magazine also includes an interview by Annemiek van Grondel with Basten Leijh, who has enriched our lives with innovative bicycles and with functional but sexy office furniture and other award winning designs.

The eighth Milan edition of Connecting the Dots offers a full programme in print. 20,000 full colour copies in tabloid format will be distributed during the design fair via all Dutch presentations. 
In 2015, Connecting the Dots developed the Dutch Design Press Desk. It offers an advance overview of all Dutch design studios and brands that will be presenting in Milan and that can be consulted online. A central database of press material by individual design studios, from which the media can download relevant press releases and visual materials.
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For more information and visual materials on Connecting the Dots and the Dutch Design Press Desk, please do not hesitate to contact Luc Deleau:
For more press material, including visual materials, by individual design studios, visit the Dutch Design Press Desk database.

On Monday, 3 April, you are welcome to attend the Mixing the Dots Opening Cocktail from 18:00 to 23:00 at Via Francesco Carchidio 2, near the Zona Tortona, with Chef Martin, DJ Mulat & DJ Deleau, and made possible by Heineken. By invitation only – please register before 1 April via

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