Marianne van Sasse van Ysselt, René van Geer

Secrid – Milan 2018

Marianne van Sasse van Ysselt, René van Geer

Reinvented heritage


Marianne van Sasse van Ysselt, René van Geer

Palazzo Francesco Turati
Via Meravigli 7
20123 Milan

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More than just cards and money, your wallet carries memories. It travels with you wherever you go. Designer couple Marianne van Sasse van Ysselt and René van Geer have revolutionised the wallet industry. Merging fashion and industrial design, they created a pocket-sized icon.

Traditions and revolutionary design meet in the Secrid cabinet, created for Secrid’s new head office. The Golden Age inspired photos underline Secrid’s heritage, as well as production process: all wallets are made in Dutch factories and social enterprises, creating more than 200 jobs and reviving the local leather industry.

Lizzy Zaanen
Saturnusstraat 60
NL – 2516 AH The Hague
+31 (0)6 5174 1817

Opening time
Tue 11.00-17.00, Wed 11.00-22.00, Thu-Sat 11.00-19.00, Sun 11.00-16.00

Opening cocktail
Tue 17 April 18.30-21.00 (by invitation only)

Press preview
Mon 16 April 16.00-19.00, official press opening 17.00


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