Marc Vermeulen – Milan 2017

Marc Vermeulen


Marc Vermeulen

Design Language
Civica Scuola Interpreti e Traduttori Altiero Spinelli
Via Francesco Carchidio 2
20144 Milan

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Design Language - Milan 2017

Design Language - Milan 2017

Jacob de Baan, Inge de Boer, Lode Bruins, Sigrid Calon, Rick Gerner, Jolanda van Goor, Erik Griffioen, Arend Groosman, Denise Hoex, José Kranen, Ineke Otte, Isabel Quiroga, Paul Schrijen, Marc Vermeulen, and various others.

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Marc Vermeulen designs furniture and lighting that are innovative in function and form. His work illuminates the familiar, creating something special from the commonplace. His thoughtful products encourage interaction and combine simplicity, craftsmanship, attention to detail and functionality.

Marc Vermeulen presents his new lighting collection ‘Fragile’, inspired by the delicacy of ceramic tiles. “Tiles have a tactility and refinement that instantly capture my attention. Their fragility, texture and rhythm are the starting point for my new designs, and create an appearance that is both strong yet gentle.”
Marc Vermeulen also presents designs from the Dunes & Dykes collection and his award-winning Clipboard.

Marc Vermeulen
Zuideinde 4
2671 MH Naaldwijk
The Netherlands
+31 (0)6 2476 8935

Opening Time
Daily 10.00 – 20.00. Sun. 9 Apr. till 18.00.

Mixing the Dots Opening Cocktail
Mon. 3 Apr. 18.00 – 23.00 (RSVP only:

Press Preview
Mon. 3 Apr. 13:00 – 17:00

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