Doreen Westphal

FungiFuturi – DDW 2015

Doreen Westphal

What if … we grow mushrooms on waste in empty office buildings


Doreen Westphal

Urban Mushroom Farm FungiFuturi
Smalle Haven 24
5611 EJ Eindhoven

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FungiFuturi is an initiative started by ontwerpster Doreen Westphal who is searching for alternative ways of food production. What started as an experiment meanwhile grew out to an urban mushroom farm operating in the former archive of Eindhoven. During the Dutch Design Week we will give workshops to teach people how to grow mushrooms on left overs themselves at home.

Making a cup of coffee one uses 1% of the biomass, 99% is thrown away. FungiFuturi collects coffee waste in order to grow oyster mushrooms and prepare grow kits for people at home. But we also grow other sorts of mushrooms like shiitake and king oyster mushrooms. See, taste and learn during DDW! You also find as at restaurant Usine and exhibition ‘Nature meets Design’.

Doreen Westphal

Pioenroosstraat 83
5644 CB Eindhoven
+31 (0)6 24 24 09 89

Daily 11.00 – 18.00

17 Oct. 15.00

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