Carolijn Slottje

Studio Carolijn Slottje – Milan 2018

Carolijn Slottje

Studio Carolijn Slottje
The Quilt Garden


Carolijn Slottje

Palazzo Francesco Turati
Via Meravigli 7
20123 Milan

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Carolijn Slottje - Milan 2018

Carolijn Slottje - Milan 2018

Carolijn Slottje

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Studio Carolijn Slottje – This design studio combines handicraft techniques with tangible nature and natural patterns. Handwork demands dedication and attention. It offers a counterbalance to a fast-paced and fickle society. The presence of the natural world in people’s lives has positive effects on health and peace of mind.

The hexagonal tiles form a whimsical pattern of plants. Each tile appears to be a stylized clod of soil, but in actual fact is a handcrafted, quilted fabric of natural material. The material forms a natural backdrop for vegetation and gives a space the feeling of an unpolished urban jungle.

Carolijn Slottje
Paradijsvogelstraat 10
NL – 9713 BV Groningen
+31 (0)6 1569 9975

Opening time
Tue 11.00-17.00, Wed 11.00-22.00, Thu-Sat 11.00-19.00, Sun 11.00-16.00

Opening cocktail
Tue 17 April 18.30-21.00 (by invitation only)

Press preview
Mon 16 April 16.00-19.00, official press opening 17.00


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